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  1. Mariko says

    Nice! I just finished 80% of our Christmas shopping today. No Christmas decorations though since we’re not doing Christmas here this year. But I hear you on the stocking stuffers. They’re definitely my favourite part.

    • Joey Roberts says

      I think I’m at this point with Christmas presents where I would much rather get stocking stuffers than actual presents. I’m a difficult person to shop for because the things I want are weird and most people don’t know how to deal with that so I would much rather hand them one of my dozen stockings and be like, “Just go to the store and fill this up and I’m cool.” My mom always put weird stuff in mine and I love it. Dude, I think you just gave me the perfect topic for a blog post!

      Where will you be doing Christmas this year?

      • Mariko says

        We’re going to be doing Christmas with my family in Vancouver this year. When we were little we had a rule that we could only open stocking presents before my parents got up, and my mom had made us giant stockings that were as big as we were. Can’t wait to see your post!

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