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  1. Danielle Knapp says

    I played with my brother’s LEGOs as a kid, but my parents did manage to find me a pink “girls” set one year. It is getting to the point where I have to buy separate sets for my son and I because we both want lots of Star Wars LEGOs 🙂

    • Joey Roberts says

      That’s cool that your parents went with it and got you one for yourself! Also like that you have that to share with your son. I feel like if my boyfriend and I have kids together we’re gonna need three different sets because he and I don’t share toys with each other well lol! There’s always two of everything, not cuz we want to match but because we don’t want to share!

  2. Mariko says

    LEGO’s were supposed to be a unisex toy!!! I hate so much that it got gendered somewhere down the line. I had some basic LEGOS as a kid, but what I always (and kind of still) wanted were the robotic LEGO sets. Rick and I are hoping to pick up some of the new Star Wars sets to build together.

    • Joey Roberts says

      I have seen those! Those are future goals right now for me, lol. I’m hoping to get a huge CLASSIC set with a big enough variety so I can one day just be like, “I want a blahdy blah today. No pattern? No problem. *builds something awesome*” so I feel ready to graduate up to the robotic ones. If you build sets you better post photos! I wanna see that!

  3. Liz Tailor says

    Yes!!! I approve this obsession! I never got a set of my own till I was older. My brother got the Legos, but I was able to play with them. As a nanny, I can and do spend a lot of time building structures. I just did a Delorean and felt so accomplished!! 🙂

    • Joey Roberts says

      I’m really stoked to go to the LEGO store at Downtown Disney to see what other Star Wars sets there are. I also want to see if there’s magically a forgotten Harry Potter set on a shelf somewhere that I can buy. I wish I had purchased one when they were out, but now I’ll have to wait for Fantastic Beasts to get one. Have you posted a picture of the Delorean? Would love to see it!

  4. dePepi says

    I did have LEGO, but with the normal colors. I mean: no pinkish thingy. I don’t really like the gendered versions you can find now. So, I had basic LEGOs. I also had PLAYMOBIL, a rival company from Spain that made similar stuff. Again: basic colors. Now I want the Big Bang Theory LEGO set!!!!! Some of the sets are just amazing! (And yes: they are all addictive!!!)

    • Joey Roberts says

      It sucks because part of me is like, “sweet, LEGO for girls!” but they’re SO girlie that it’s borderline insulting. I wish they had more standard sets with male and female characters in the CLASSICs. However, I only shop at Target for my LEGO sets because it’s convenient and the nearest Toys R Us is 20-25 minutes from me. I just wish they were a little bit more unisex but still happy that there’s progress at all.

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