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  1. Kerri Waller says

    That is AWESOME! I don’t have the patience for LEGOS or anything you have to take your time on. My husband could sit for hours and do that though!

    I’d love to see you build/put together a Harry Potter set! 🙂

    • Joey Roberts says

      I have been actively searching for an affordable HP one! I’ve thought about going crazy and just trying to find the blueprints for the Hogwarts Castle and building it from scratch. We’ll see lol

  2. Anna Martin says

    Aww! That’s awesome dude! From what I understand, it can become quite the obsession, so be careful! Haha. 😀 My partner and I have some lego creations that we put up around the house. That shiz takes time, yo. You gotta make it and display it. Hehe.

    – Anna


    • Joey Roberts says

      That’s why I’m trying to have a reserved mentality about that. We don’t have anymore available surfaces to display them so I’m planning how we’re going to design our office room when we get out this place next year so we can get more an show ’em off to da werld! Life goals, I’ve kinda got them.


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