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  1. Anna Martin says

    Holy sh*t, I can leave a comment, now. Omfg. I don’t know what the deal was, but I would view your posts and not be able to find the comment section. It was infuriating. Heh. I meant to congratulate you on the new layout and opening your on-line store!

    Also, I’m obsessed with bento. Obsessed. I think it’s because I have a compartmentalization fetish. Hehe. I like having everything in it’s right place. Radiohead knows what’s up. 😉 But yeah, I would use a bento all the time. I just get hung up on the super nice (i.e. really expensive) ones and I never end up buying one. =[

    – Anna


    • Joey Roberts says

      AHH! I know! It’s the new theme I’m using for the blog. I’ve been in touch with the designer to try and fix it but it’s had to take a back burner to RL problems. And thanks on the congrats, too!

      I managed to find a bunch of stuff on Amazon and places like Ross and Home Goods, but I want to eventually get the rice and egg molds. Those are my next goals!

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